Charles Schwab Bank offers personalized guidance, award-winning service, and expert perspectives to help investors achieve their goals since 1973. They are invested in their clients and provide expertise for investors during volatile times. They aim to be present for their client’s needs, their services include expert commentary to help navigate the changing market conditions to investing strategies for trading diversification or retirement planning.

At Schwab, they give you the power to choose and do not conform to just one standard way of doing business and building a relationship. They understand that each client has their unique goals and allows each to plan and invest with an advisor, offer automated investing and personal guidance and let the client manage and trade their own investments. They have a wide selection of investment options including access to U.S. and international stocks, cash solutions, trading in a range of options strategies, ETFs, and they are not limited to exclusively recommending their own products.

One thing that really separates Schwab from other banks is their satisfaction and security guarantee. They are fully committed to their clients and will offer refunds on fees or commission if for any reason the client is not completely satisfied. Their security guarantee covers 100% of any losses in Schwab accounts caused by unauthorized activity. They want their clients to feel confident that they are keeping their data secure.

During the circumstances that have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic, they understand that times are difficult. Schwab Bank offers a COVID-19 Mortgage Payment Relief program as a form of foreclosure assistance.

Who is eligible?

All Schwab clients who currently have a mortgage or home equity line of credit through Charles Schwab Bank, SSB, and Quicken Loans may be eligible for mortgage payment relief.

How does it work?

Clients can request to defer mortgage payments for up to 90 days through Charles Schwab Bank. However, the amount you have missed must be paid at the end of the 90 day period. If this does not seem feasible, then an option would be to contact Quicken Loads to discuss a non-credit impacting loan modification.

There will be no fee charges to make this request and deferred payments will not affect your credit rating, however, please note that interest will still continue to accrue on your loan.

Schwab cares about the health and safety of its clients, teams, and communities. Therefore, branches are temporarily closed for walk-in inquires and services as a result of COVID-19. Branches will reopen on a localized basis following the advice from the Centers for Disease Control and the guidance of federal, state, and local governments. To check if your local branch is open, please visit your local branch page for updates.

Schwab clients are able to digitally manage their finances by logging in to to access account information, transfer funds, and set account alerts. Schwab Financial Consultants can be reached by calling their 24/7 Service Center at 800-435-4000.