Citizens bank is one of the most well-established banks in America. Being one of the oldest and largest financial institutions, it is no wonder they have managed to stay on top of customer care and services during the recent pandemic. They provide a broad range of retail and commercial banking products and services to individuals, small businesses, middle-market companies, large corporations, and institutions.

Their goal is to, “help our customers, colleagues and communities reach their potential.” It comes as no surprise that Citizens bank has placed a large amount of focus on ensuring that their customers do not struggle to manage their financial obligations during the Covid-19 crisis. The CEO, Bruce Van Saun says, “We stand ready to help our neighbors during this unprecedented time.” Citizens Bank are kindly offering leniency and assistance in a few different ways. One of these being to help homeowners avoid foreclosure and remain current on their repayments.

Citizens bank is offering payment assistance for up to 90 days. More information can be obtained on how this may work for you personally by contacting them (contact information at the end of article). The coronavirus pandemic has seen an increase in unemployment, and many may find themselves in a difficult financial situation. Some may be late on their mortgage repayments already and fear the consequences. Citizens bank is offering late fee waivers, depending on the circumstances. Over and above that, they have automatically suspended home foreclosures for up to 60 day. This means there is no need to contact citizens bank, as they will prevent the foreclosure for all clients facing those circumstances.

The aid does not end there. Citizens bank has further decided not to penalize any early CD withdrawals during this time. They will also not be charging any service fees and will reverse any fees already deducted. Overdraft fees will also be waivered. Clearly citizens bank has gone out of their way to ensure their customers are as stress free as possible. They understand the worries of financial burden and how it can negatively impact their clients. Their website demonstrated their effort with an entire section titled, “Covid-19 Recourse Centre”. Homeowner foreclosure assistance is not all they have made available. Under the recourse centre, you will find information on economic impact payments. This means they are offering emergency payments to small businesses and consumers to help them stay afloat.

More recourses and information, or to see if you qualify for any of the above mentioned assistance, check out the Covid-19 Recourse Centre. If you need any further help, the help line is 1-800-234-6002 open 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday to Friday. Please note that they are receiving higher than normal call volumes at this time, and patience is greatly appreciated. Visit the FAQs to find out more on what Citizens Bank is doing in response to the virus.