Foreclosure Help in New Hampshire

In 2018 the median house price rose to $205,000 – that’s a 6,8% increase on the year before. Although there was a strong market for housing last year, it has not been a high demand industry. The average fair market rent in New Hampshire is a little over one thousand a month for a two bedroomed home. For a family home this shoots up to $1,621. Let’s examine the housing market more closely and find out about the foreclosure rates and laws in this area.

Home ownership in New Hampshire

Undoubtedly, the most expensive areas to buy in New Hampshire are around the Boston, Metro HUD, Cambridge and Quincy regions. New Hampshire has the 11th highest average rent price in the states. Home values rose by around 6% in the last year and the average home value is $282,600. The NH real estate sector reports 30-year fixed mortgages at an average rate of 4.7% in 2019, with an expectation that this figure will rise to over five percent by this time next year. While businesses report an average rise across worker’s wages in New Hampshire, mortgage interest rates are still high.

On average a home on the market in New Hampshire will sell in as little as 52 days. Sellers attained 99% of their asking prices in 2018, proving that it really is a seller’s market.

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Prices and Income

Average salaries in New Hampshire range from $13,10 per hour to $38.51 per hour for more specialist skill sets. The annual mean wage is only $52,350. This means that full time workers could be paying as much as fifty percent of their annual income towards renting or buying costs. New Hampshire has no minimum wage laws of its own and uses the federally set rate of $7.25 per hour. This would lead low paid or minimum wage workers barely able to afford rent prices in a housing market that favors the seller.


In 2018 there were 860 foreclosures of New Hampshire properties. As it stands, roughly 4% of all home loans in the state have at least one payment past due. Compared to the other New England sates, New Hampshire actually has fairly good rates in this area.