Foreclosure Help in New Mexico

The land of enchantment, which is what the state of New Mexico is called, is a judicial forclosure state.  This means that the banks or other lenders that want to foreclose on a home property can go to the court system and then they have to get their approval to forclose on your property, it has to be legally done.  For a moment let us take a look at the whole owning a home process before we go further into detail.

Thoughts for the Consumer

With a population of just over 2 million people and all the enchanting things you can see and do in New Mexico it is no wonder people want to call it home.   A median income of nearly $50,000.00 a year is a good place to start.  The people of this state have a forward-thinking outlook in everything they do, welcoming and positive.  With the average home price coming in well under $200,000.00 it is a good place to plant some roots.

In comparison to other states there may not be as many people, but it has a higher rate of home ownership, at almost 5% higher than the national average.  Foreclosures happen everywhere in the USA and New Mexico is no different.  Dona Ana County recently had the highest rate of foreclosure and Valencia County had the lowest.

When the thought of foreclosure looms like a dark cloud is can be good to know that trying to sell your home in New Mexico can be easier than other states because of its intrigue, but the process still tends to take some time so think ahead.

Living Statistically

When factoring in the cost of all your living expenses for a home, from taxes, insurance and other expenses, not to mention general life expenses such as transportation and food, knowing that New Mexico has I higher income rate can bring peace of mind.

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Now it may not seem like the place you might want to live considering it comes in at 48th statistically as the best states to live in.  It does have a very high poverty rate, in fact the worst state in the USA for childhood poverty but that can change with time and determination.  Anthony and Deming are some of the worst economically with regards to poverty in the state of New Mexico.

Foreclosure Resources

The possibly of foreclosure can be scary, one of the worst fears of a person.  Knowledge however it power, and the following resources can help you on your journey to taking back your life.

  • For tips and further resources during this process contact the attorney general in the state of New Mexico is the place to start at
  • At you can find resources a plenty that will help inform and educate you on your current situation with regards to the foreclosure of your home.
  • Look into having a consultation with an attorney for information and knowledge to help you make better informed choices. While they can be costly, sometimes in the long run it can be less expensive than losing your home.