New York Community Bank was founded in New York, Queens in 1859 and have since grown from one branch to 237 branches across five states. This New York chartered savings bank now serves thousands of customers in Metro New York, New Jersey, Florida, Ohio and Arizona. They are the largest thrift in America and one of the leading thrift depositories in the nation.

In New York, they operate 127 branches of the Community Bank through five local divisions, reflecting the growth of their franchise through a series of mergers with other local thrift depositories that includes: Queens County Savings Bank, Richmond County Savings Bank, Roosevelt Savings Bank and Atlantic Bank. Their largest division, Roslyn Savings Bank has 41 locations in the Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island. They also operate 17 branches directly under the name “New York Community Bank”.

In New Jersey, they serve their customers through their Garden State Community Bank division, with 42 branches in Essex, Hudson, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Union and Ocean counties. They operate their branches with an emphasis on convenience through the 233 locations that feature 24-hour ATM banking, and 207 Community Bank branches open at least six days a week. Customers also have 24-hour access to their accounts through their online banking, mobile banking and telephone banking facilities.

At NYCB, they understand that many customers are concerned about the impact of the coronavirus on their ability to pay their mortgage. NYCB is committed to supporting their customers through this difficult time. Customers who are struggling financially due to the impact of the pandemic, and are thus unable to make their scheduled mortgage payments, should contact a qualified representative toll-free at (888) 696-4444 during the hours of Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm (ET), Saturday 9am – 5pm (ET). Alternatively, customers can sign in to NYCB Online to send a secured message.

More specifically, NYCB offers a 90-day residential mortgage payment forbearance to customers whose income has been adversely affected by events linked to the pandemic. Customers may qualify also for a modified mortgage program that offers relief assistance for financially struggling families and individuals.  Customers can apply for these programs through the NYCB website or  by calling the customer contact center at (877) 786-6560. Customers should please note, that based on individual circumstances, this program could involve a trial period three or four months.

Additionally, they offer refinancing, reinstatement, modification and restructuring services for existing mortgage plans to customers impacted financially by the pandemic. Adjusted repayment plans are also available to all existing customers. More information on the available relief options can be found on their mortgage assistance web page.

Additionally, during the pandemic, they have put measures in place to ensure the safety of their employees and customers at all branches and ATM’s. As of March 24, 2020, they have temporarily waived all Bank ATM/Debit Card Fees at domestic and International and Point of Sale (POS). Please note that fees may be charged by ATM owners of non-NYCB owned ATMs.