Foreclosure Help in Tennessee

Foreclosure is a serious problem that can have a big impact on your life. Often, undergoing this process can be a very stressful experience, as you struggle with the uncertainty that this time brings. To help you deal with this, let’s look at the way foreclosure works in Tennessee.

Housing Marketing In Tennessee

Let’s start by looking at the trends in the housing market. This can give us an insight into current pricing trends. Currently, it’s a seller’s market in Tennessee. This is because of the strong growth that this market has experienced. The analysis shows that house prices have increased by around 5.6 percent since last year. This strong growth is likely to continue, with an increase of 3.6 percent predicted for next year. Despite this, the foreclosure rate remains low, compared to the national average. In Nashville, the number of people who are delinquent on their mortgages, placing them at risk of foreclosure, is roughly 0.6 percent.

Foreclosure Procedure In Tennessee

If you are at risk of foreclosure, it can be a very difficult time. Thankfully, there are several procedures that the lender is required to follow. By understanding how this process works, you will be able to make a more informed decision about how best to deal with the foreclosure.

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First, you should be aware that most foreclosures in Tennessee are non-judicial. This means that they can occur without the court overseeing the process. Despite this, there are several stages that the lender needs to go through before they can sell the property. First, they need to send you a notice of sale. They will also need to post this in the newspaper, or in several public locations if the newspaper isn’t available. They need to start this process at least 20 days before they are due to sell the property. In some cases, you might be on a high-cost home loan. If this is the case, they will also need to send you a notice that informs you of your right to cure the loan.

In some cases, you will have the right to redeem the property. This means that you can buy it after the foreclosure sale, as long as you pay off the rest of the loan, plus the additional interest. In Tennessee, you might have two years to do this. But you should read the loan documents carefully. In some cases, they might have clauses that will prevent you from doing this.

Seeking Foreclosure Help

If you are facing foreclosure on your property, it can be very difficult to know who to turn to for help. Thankfully, there are several government resources that will provide foreclosure help to Tennessee residents. In addition, you might want to consider contacting a lawyer. They will be able to explain your legal rights and make sure that you understand the foreclosure process. So, contact us today and find out what you need to do during a foreclosure.