Foreclosure Help in Utah

Facing foreclosure on your family home is a very difficult and challenging time for any homeowner.  The good news is that there are organizations with trained and understanding employees that can help and assist you during this time. So if your mortgage is delinquent or you are struggling to make your monthly mortgage payments, please seek help and advice from one of the organizations listed below.

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HUD approved Foreclosure counseling in Utah

These organizations were established in collaboration with the federal government, which funds them in part alongside NeighborWorks® America. They are free to use and offer you access to quality, trained and expert counselors and lawyers based in Utah.

Organization Location Web address
Neighborhood Non-profit Housing Corporation Logan
Utah State University Family Center Logan
NeighborWorks Mountain Country Home Solutions Provo
Community Development Corporation of Utah Salt Lake City
Money management International Salt lake City


If you are not currently in foreclosure, but are facing financial difficulty, here are some things you can do to help. Prevention is better than cure, and the earlier you get help, the easier it will be to retain your home.

  • Speak to your lender. Your first step in preventing foreclosure is to promptly communicate with your lender if you are behind on your mortgage or find yourself unable to make a payment. These discussions can facilitate the restructuring of your payment plan to reduce your interest rate and lower your monthly payments. If necessary, the postponement of regular payments can also be considered to help you get through a difficult time. Be forthcoming and honest with your lender and make sure to answer calls and emails to help with this process. If they are unable to reach you, they may opt to proceed with foreclosure.
  • Seek legal assistance. The Utah Foreclosure Help Line will put you directly in contact with a foreclosure defense law firm that is licensed to practice in Utah. They offer a free evaluation of your situation and can give you advice on how to proceed given your circumstances. You can contact them on (888) 718-0986 or visit their website at
  • Call the Homeowner’s Hope Hotline. Homeowners facing potential foreclosure can also call the HOPE NOW toll-free at hotline at 1-888-995-HOPE (1-888-995-4673) or visit their website at  This hotline forms part of the HUD approved counselors, investors and mortgage lenders that can provide valuable information and resources to help prevent foreclosure. This service is offered countrywide.


National Obama Mortgage assistance

Making Homes Obtainable is an organization that can help you access Obama Mortgage Assistance. This is a federal program established by the Obama administration through the Department of Treasury and is available to all 50 states. It was designed to assist homeowners facing foreclosure and can help with anything from offering advice to restructuring of loans. Simply fill in the application form on the Making Homes Obtainable website and speak to a Hardship Analyst.